Walking the ARE 50 PcM Practice Exam

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After taking all of the exam divisions for ARE 50 and reflecting back on the material that I used to pass them I realized that very few of the practice problems and practice exams that I practiced with felt like the actual exam.

With growing demand for some good practice problems I have taken it upon myself to deliver practice questions that would rival those that you would find on the Practice Management Exam without violating the terms of the confidentiality agreement that testers are required to sign.

This exam will test you in all of the exam areas described in the NCARB handbook, as well as some areas outside of the handbook designed to help you understand the content for this exam.  The questions have been written so that they apply to real life scenarios to promote the understanding and application of the exam content as these exams are not simply a 'What is this?' or 'What is that?' type of exam. 

The other standout about Walking the ARE is that the answers give a better explanation of why they are correct, or incorrect.  Some questions might also explain why an answer this time might be correct but could be different if the question was worded just slightly differently than it is.

The goal of this exam is to test your knowledge of the exam content required for the Practice Management Exam.  It will give you questions in all exam formats, single guess, multiple guess, fill in the blank, drag and drop, as well as the hot spot marker.  This exam will also help you to focus on the questions themselves knowing which pieces of information given are useful, and which pieces of information given are irrelevant. 

This is a full-length practice exam with 80 questions, including two 10-question case studies like you would find on the exam.

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Full-length ARE50 PcM (Practice Management) Practice Exam

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Walking the ARE 50 PcM Practice Exam

40 ratings
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